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Business Process Outsourcing - Industry

We are your partner for the realignment, management and transformation of industrial business processes on a strategic and operational level. The change of industrial processes through disruptions are core topics of today's market developments: Traditional organisations and classical processes see their previous sources of revenue endangered. Sustainable growth and profitability require adapted operating models - ones that focus on core competencies, which are based on digitalisation of data and on artificial intelligence. We accompany companies step by step in industrial business process outsourcing and support our customers in being able to focus on core processes. Our approach integrates state-of-the-art technologies, digital expertise and customer-centric solutions.

We integrate intelligent operations into our services to ensure process innovation for our clients and benefit from holistic outsourcing services.

Marc Bouzaid

Marc Bouzaid is Managing Director of ARTS SARL, headquartered in Toulouse, France. He supports international medium-sized and large customers in their business process outsourcing industry projects.

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Success through Technical Outsourcing

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How does Business Process Outsourcing work at ARTS?

We offer the optimum combination of people, processes and technologies for each of our customer orders. This enables our customers to focus on their strengths, leverage cost potential and generate long-term, sustainable growth. We integrate intelligent operations into our services to ensure process innovation and holistic outsourcing services for our customers.

  • Managed Services: As an expert in industrial services, we offer you specialized services over a fixed period of time, which you can call up at any time according to your needs.
  • Business Process Outsourcing: We take over whole or parts of business processes for you as Selective Outsourcing and act efficiently and cost-effectively for your success.
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing: For complex and labor-intensive tasks, our employees are available with special skills and precise knowledge of the specific task and technology. The expert knowledge and high-quality training of the employees guarantee excellent performance.
  • In-house outsourcing: Through our technically oriented on-site management, we are happy to take over the function of a department or parts of a company while retaining existing resources in part or in full. If desired by you, existing production resources and capacities can remain in use.


Business Process Outsourcing with ARTS

Your advantages with us as a project service provider

  • Quality improvement and know-how gain: If new work processes become necessary in a company, there is often a lack of know-how or qualified employees in the implementation. Our qualified Industrial Services are your alternative to finding and hiring new skilled workers or setting up your own operations. Through our focus and specialization, we can guarantee you quality improvements. Especially in manufacturing, our services can increase the quality of your products.
    Optimal scalability & active risk management: With our services, the available capacity of manpower increases. As a result, maximum performance can be achieved in production and manufacturing can be guaranteed - even in the event of seasonal or non-standard workload fluctuations. Share relevant responsibilities and risks with us - strong involvement is an elementary component of successful cooperation.
    Process optimization and concentration on core competencies: By outsourcing services that are not part of your core business, you can use the capacities thus freed up for your actual core business. Your recruiting efforts are reduced, you do not expand your own personnel and administration efforts and, in addition, operational management tasks are no longer necessary for this area.
    Profitability increase through fixed cost degression effects & economies of scope: Due to our specialization and because we provide the same service for several customers, we can spread our fixed costs over a larger number of services. Lower costs are incurred for the individual services. Participate in the resulting quality improvements and at the same time benefit from the cost saving potentials arising from the efficiency of our service provision.
    Reduction of capital commitment & variabilization of fixed costs: You incur considerable fixed costs by keeping production factors on hand. Reduce your personnel cost ratio, reduce personnel costs and turn them into external services! Since you charge your fixed costs even when capacities are not utilized, fluctuations in capacity utilization often result in empty costs. By outsourcing to us, you only incur costs when you use our services. Your overall profitability increases significantly while risk costs are reduced.
    Increased cost transparency: In the departments where outsourcing services are provided, the allocation of costs is often only possible as overhead costs. By sourcing our services externally, you can plan costs more accurately, increase cost transparency, and improve your profitability calculations. You can treat the costs as primary costs and allocate them more easily.

Business Process Outsourcing - industry benefits from these qualifications

Qualifications for Technical or Operational Outsourcing

  • Certified project managers
  • Automation technician
  • SPS Simatic S5/S7 technician
  • Certified welding specialist according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1/ISO 9606-2
  • Service technician for air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Industrial electronics technician
  • Industrial engineers
  • CNC operators
  • IT experts
  • Specialists for warehousing
  • Painters / varnishers / process engineers

Our industry expertise

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Mobility
  • Automotive industry
  • Smart Manufacturing ((Special) Mechanical Engineering)
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Logistics
  • Energy industry



What solutions do we offer in the area
of operational outsourcing for industry?

Installation & Assembly:

Flexible installations, assembly, relocation and dismantling of machines, plants and systems from a single source


Procurement & Logistics:

Intelligently and smartly organized purchasing processes for cost-optimized procurement as well as integrated intralogistics - everything on site and at the workplace at the right time

Maintenance & Servicing:

Implementation of integrated maintenance activities of your production machinery and equipment as well as building and infrastructure technology


Management & Consulting:

Conceptual consulting and management support using data-driven insights as well as leveraging AI for process optimization

Production & Manufacturing:

Assumption of production tasks with execution of work preparation as well as assumption of quality and secondary processes related to production and value creation


Business Process Outsourcing - industry often asks the following questions

How much do I save on average with business process outsourcing, i.e. with the outsourcing of an industrial process?

The 2020 study "Outsourcing in Production" by Interroll Holding GmbH surveyed 300 decision-makers in manufacturing German-speaking companies with 50 or more employees about their technical outsourcing behavior in industrial processes. A quarter of the respondents expect to outsource more production processes (manufacturing, distribution, logistics processes or warehousing) in the next five years. The main driver for almost two-thirds of respondents is cost savings. On average, they expect to cut costs by 18.3%. Our experience matches the results of the study. In our projects, we achieve average savings of around 20%.

What is co-sourcing and how does it differ from the familiar outsourcing approach?

This is a modern approach to outsourcing and differs from full outsourcing in that internal and external teams work together. The internal and external teams work side by side to create value. Together they share risks, face problems and find quick solutions. By motivating both parties, co-sourcing will help improve the outsourcing outcome. This approach will spark their interest in co-creating new value to gain a competitive advantage. Their interests will be focused on the outcome of the collaboration, not on getting the job done for the client or just delegating a task to be done. For us, the collaborative approach is an essential part of our corporate culture, which we apply to each of our Technical Outsourcing collaborative projects.

Technical Business Process Outsourcing or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

This decision depends entirely on your challenge and whether you are willing to outsource responsibility for certain areas. In the case of very time-critical assignments, we are able to take over interim management topics in the areas of personnel, transformation or production, maintenance & supply chain by means of business process outsourcing. However, if you would like to keep the responsibility in-house, then we can also provide you with our knowledge or personnel in another form of contract. (Employee leasing, service contract, personnel placement, etc.)


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

Your challenge is our mission. We offer you services within the scope of industrial business process outsourcing. Contact us with your requirements or open questions! In a non-binding initial meeting we will find together the most suitable solution for you.

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