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Manufacturing Engineering

Our BPO services in Manufacturing Engineering

The expansion of the product portfolio includes not only the development and construction of a finished prototype, but also the replanning or restructuring of your production line, the development of new supplier relationships and the creation of instructions and specifications for work steps and maintenance intervals. In addition to all these activities, ARTS also takes over the interface management with all departments involved in order to implement the new production line into your process structure in a sustainable way.

Production Planning

ARTS supports you in production planning with the following services, among others:

  • Recording of all design specifications & comparison with producibility & design consulting
  • Digital prototyping
  • Parts list creation & management
  • (technical) Manual creation
  • Inspection of manufacturing processes (e.g. 3D printing, rapid & additive manufacturing)

Work Planning & Preparation

An early product evaluation along the entire product life cycle reduces costs and efforts. Some services:

  • Planning of optimal production orders and order sequences
  • Planning of cycle times and number of workstations
  • Planning of plant-related changeover times and maintenance cycles
  • MRP for material staging
  • Selection and use of shift and daily control instruments (for quantity-based production progress and quality development)

Technology- and Process Planning

To increase process efficiency through continuous monitoring, we use methods such as SixSigma, CIP or linear optimization. Our services:

  • Technology Benchmarks
  • Actual data and process analyses
  • Material flow analyses & Value stream analyses
  • Plant structure planning & Target and layout planning
  • Creation of requirement specifications
  • Factory relocations

Production Control & Line Support

In order to reduce the planning efforts of our customers, but also to minimize the risk of disturbances, we offer the following services within the scope of production control & line supports, among others:

  • Work plan preparation
  • Coordination of ME activities
  • Track & trace
  • Materials planning
  • Production support

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