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Logistics & Supply Chain Services

Our BPO services in Logistics & Supply Chain

Within the scope of Business Process Outsourcing, we optimize your logistics process along the value chain as well as your turnover rate in the warehouse, the reaction time of your production process and the accuracy of your distribution. In this context, we take a holistic and cross-departmental view of processes within the company in order to avoid time-consuming barriers.

Procurement Logistics

The aim of all these measures is to reduce costs in your supply chain and increase the turnover rate in your warehouse. ARTS supports you in:

  • Warehouse-related transport operations
  • Planning and control of the incoming goods transports
  • Storage (goods receipt unloading)

Manufacturing Logistics

ARTS offers you the following services for the optimization of processes and delivery times:

  • Internal transport to and between workstations
  • Production commissioning
  • Machining / simple assembly work
  • Pre-assembly / complex assembly work
  • Tool Management

Distribution Logistics

With ARTS you ensure not only the ability to deliver but also the absence of damage and errors in your logistical processes. Our services in this area:

  • Storage of end products & stock keeping
  • Distribution commissioning
  • Packaging / Labelling & Shipping / Goods Issue
  • Customs clearance / Export clearance
  • Planning and control of transports from outgoing goods
  • Transportation / Delivery

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